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WARRANTY! (Dr.pen / Derma Pens/Plasma Pens)


In the event of Product defect or malfunction under normal use by user following the manufacturer’s guidelines, the manufacturer will repair design defects free of charge during the warranty period.  Any other defects caused by the user i.e.:- overcharging of the battery, electric current connection default, dropping the unit, incorrect cartridges & plasma pen needles used (not Mikay Health cartridges & needles) or miss use of the device, user attempting to dismantle and repair, all such cases will void Warranty.

Mikay Health suggests you ensure your pen device against natural disasters.

A 6 month Warranty is offered by Mikay Health provided the above criteria is adhered to in this period.

Damages (defaults) prescribed above require that your device is returned to Mikay Health. Thereafter we will investigate route cause of failure.  In the event of manufacturing defect the unit will be replaced immediately within the 6 month period.  However, if it is discovered that the fault is due to the user, we will return the pen to manufacturer for possible replacement or repair at the uses cost.

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Returns & Replacements


We accept payments via VISA and MasterCard or PayFast.  We accept all major credit card.  All our payments are processed securely and with highest encryption for your security and peace of mind.



All prices you see are final, no extra tax or fees will be added during checkout.
All prices and payments are processed in RSA Rands.


Returning Products

Due to the nature of some Products all returned items must arrive in the same condition as they were delivered. Used or opened products cannot be returned as it is illegal to send any goods potentially contaminated with human bodily fluids.
When contacting us, please provide clear explanation why you wish to have a replacement, this must happen within 7 days of receiving your order. Shipping cost will be the client's responsibility.


Returning unwanted goods

If you wish to return an unwanted product, please contact our customer service team  Used or opened products cannot be returned. You have 7 days from the date you received the goods in which to contact us for product return. Have a strict replacement policy and not a refund policy.

All customers are responsible for their own cost of returning the shipment of unwanted products.  Shipping fees are not refundable.


Returning incorrect order or defective item

If you receive an incorrect or defective product, we will provide you with a replacement. You have 7 days from the date you received the goods in which to contact us to apply for product return.